The founder of Maesto Coffee, Tony Maesto, was born in Vietnam, where he spent his early childhood years.  At a young age, he was introduced to coffee by his father Hoan Vu, and their daily rituals included grinding and brewing the beans. Coffee plays an important role in Vietnamese culture, where friends gather at coffee houses to talk, laugh and commune.

Due to political and economic circumstances at the time, Tony escaped Vietnam at the age of 14 to seek a better education; but he never forgot those coffee rituals with his father. Fortune would have it that he was brought to the United States, and eventually adopted by his foster father, Raymond Maesto. Raymond also had a daily ritual of coffee drinking, and planted an appreciation for the art of Italian espresso brewing.

Tony went on and received his Master’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT. He is a published fashion photographer and also a Latin dance instructor.

Over the years, Tony’s deep appreciation for great coffee has grown. The process involved to make a great cup of coffee from Farm to Cup, is a very special one.

Today, Tony travels and visits the coffee farms to source the most exquisite and delicious coffees, then carefully roasts them to bring out the unique aroma and taste for you to enjoy.