– Water to Coffee Ratio: 15:1. Adjust the ratio to suite your taste
– Set grind level to medium fine (similar to sea salt)
– Water Temperature: 200°F / 93.5°C
– Weight Conversion: 1 oz ≈ 30 grams, 1 gram = 1 milliliter, 1 Tablespoon Coffee ≈ 5 grams or 0.17 oz

10 Ounce Brew
– Coffee: 22 grams, 0.73 oz, 4.4 Tablespoons
– Water: 330 grams, 11 oz
– Brew Time: 3.5 to 4 minutes

Recommended Equipment
– Dripper: Kalita Wave 185, Hario V60
– Gooseneck pour over kettle with temperature control (Stagg EKG)
– Digital scale with timer (Hario)
– Grinder (Baratza Encore)


Step 1
Bring water to 200°F / 93.5°C. If a temperature controlled kettle is not available, bring the water to boil, remove kettle from the heat source and let it sits for 1 minute.

Step 2
Place a filter in the pour over dripper and set on top of the carafe. Preheat by pouring hot water to wet the entire filter. Discard this water.

Step 3
Grind the coffee and add it to the filter. Use both hands and carefully tap the dripper to level out coffee grounds.

Step 4
Put everything on the scale and tare the scale to zero.

Step 5
Start the timer and pour water (twice the weight of coffee) over the grounds. Make sure to saturate all the grounds. Let the coffee bloom (breathe) for 30 seconds. Allowing the coffee to breathe aka de-gas improves taste by bringing forth the intricate flavors of the coffee.

Step 6
Add water to the filter in small increments, keeping the brew basket halfway filled with water during the brew process. Repeat the pouring process until the targeted brew weight is reached.

Step 7
When the flow has begun to drip very slowly, the brew is complete. Pour & Enjoy.

In a slow and steady pace, start from the center of the grounds and slowly spiral towards the rim then back to the center, and repeat.